Thursday, December 01, 2011

Fizzy Evenings

Towards the end of living at PartyCentral, we ladies had become accustomed to Fizzy Fridays, which consisted of us gathering in the sitting room, drinking copious amount of fizz. It was a beautiful thing. It was one of the 'list of many' that I was going to miss terribly.
Since I've started temping, we've had three Thursdays in a row, where we've had events; book launches, parties and Christmas related events. And every single one has involved copious amounts of Champagne and canapes. I am not complaining.

So now I celebrate Fizz Thursdays! Which are amazing, as I get to drink fizz on my sofa, while watching 'Pie in the Sky', what could be better!

Tomorrow at work, I get to open my first ever magnum bottle. I am so so excited and even a little nervous!

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