Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wall Paper Chains

To jazz up our first Christmas at home, I've made some paper chains, which obviously isn't something new, but I've learnt through the years, that using normal paper or wrapping paper, doesn't work, it's too weak. I noticed that the shop I'm currently working for, used wallpaper last year. Ding! I'm stealing that idea.

Luckily, I had two rolls of left over rolls of wallpaper from my old house, I started by cutting (using a stanley knife) lots of strips of wallpaper, 1.5' by 10.5'. I used two different types of paper, but the shop used 6 or so different types, it's a personal choice.

I couldn't find my stapler, even though I turned the entire house upside down, so I used double sided sticky pads, which were extra sticky. Although double sided sticky tape, a stapler, or paper fasteners would all work well.

In typical fashion, roll one strip in to a circle, fasten at the end. Get another strip, put it through the other one, and fasten, and so on.
Due to only having the two different types of paper, my pattern was simple, but if you're using the ends of rolls, etc. You could be funky, etc. and not conform.

To tie to the walls, curtain rails, light fixtures, etc. I then sewed some gold thread through each end, through the sticky pad, leaving quite a large loop, tying the ends together.

I've made three chains in total, but am planning on a forth one, for the corridor. My only wish, that I had more variety in paper, but I'm not going out to buy any, as this is more of a cost effective decoration.

Et Volia, cheap, easy and relatively quick decorations.

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