Thursday, September 20, 2012


I have an issue with pigeons feet. No, I'm not sat in a restaurant staring at a menu full of them, I'm talking about those infamous flying rats, the very much alive ones.

Every morning I walk through Grosvenor Square which is full of them, now I'm not talking Trafalgar Sq in Mary Poppins, I'm talking modern day pigeon masses. And every morning I can't help but stare at every pigeons feet, it's just the gammy feet that make me sad, they make me want to stamp on their heads and put them out of their misery and I'm not sure why, as it's just a little impractical not life destroying, especially as I'm talking about pigeons who mainly rely on their wings, although some of the ones I've seen recently are possibly too fat to fly?!

I guess my issue is made worse by the colour and texture of their feet, I don't know! I know I'm being stupid but I can't really help feeling the need to stamp on the heads of pigeons with manky feet.

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