Saturday, January 24, 2015

Art Rooms

Today I went to Art Rooms at the Melià White House Hotel. It is an interesting concept where each artist has a bedroom to populate and fill with their own art, they can then stay and talk to people, or wonder around themselves. The freedom that having your own individual space gives is rather remarkable, most of them had different music and themes. It was an interesting concept...

In particular, these arts moved me some what:

Deepa Khanna Sobti: These impressionist expressions where full of colour and Deepa told us that 75% of her sales go towards four charities which she supports. She is a full time artist but she wants others to find opportunity through her skill, rather than profiteering. 

Rosa Miglardi: In the main corridor, there is this wonderful gold wire sculpture on the wall in a purely negative space. I marvelled at it for some time and saw a small sign which I assumed meant it was £127, unfortunately it was the room number but I loved the madness that came with her sculptures.

Lucienne O'Mara: This was one of the first rooms we viewed and when Lucienne explained how she got the washed out colour on her canvas as "I scrub the crap out of it", I knew that one day I would have to own a piece by her. They are strangely haunting and beautiful, I adore them. I'd like to hang it somewhere that I'd get full attention to it, I suggested to my friend that the toilet would be the perfect place, as what else are you doing while you're in there, although my friend said this could be misconstrued as an insult. Ridiculous!

Deborah Pearce: Deborah was Nats' friend and is the reason we attended the event. Deborah focusing mainly of edible subject matter and I found her blackberries, truly enchanting. She also said that she was going to start selling tea towels with her paintings on them, this I will be holding out for. Her figs were truly darling.

Wendy Yeo: This room was a medley of oriental art / impressionist canvases, it was so beautiful, that I started to work out what I would need to sell to purchase one of her canvases. The one below is called 'Hong Kong Sunset', I wanted to buy it for Rowan, to remind him of his time there.

Reissue Korea: Reissue Korea is a gallery supporting various artists. There were various pieces in this room I loved, beautifully tranquil canvases as 1. (Mi-kyeong Kim), another which was a bright blue paint strike on white canvas, see 2. (Seung-yoon Choi), and the third were watercolour and pen drawings of Oxford and London, see 3. (Sunga Park), where parts of the buildings were missing, etc. I asked how much the watercolour pen prints were but £500 was slightly out of my price range. Which sucks!




It was a truly lovely morning spent being exposed to new and established artists, these are just some that caught my eye, there were many many more and I highly recommend everyone to pop by and see something new.

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