Thursday, August 06, 2015

Tube Drivers vs Bus Drivers

Once again everyone within the M25 stressed and over-reacted about having to consider an alternative route to work, or (if my office is anything to go by) everyone chose to work from their sofa while in their PJs (I wish I was on my sofa in my PJs).

This morning there were less people, less moaning and everyone seemed in pretty good moods, it was tres nice; however whenever anyone does mention the strike the first topic they go to is that the Tube Drivers are well paid and do very little on the grand scheme of things. I don’t think that we should even be talking about them, I think we should be discussing the people who step up and work extra shifts and cope with added bollocks due to the strikes, therefore I am dedicating this post to all of those people.

This morning I saw:
  • The Police directing, advising and managing people, enquiries and bus queues (a nice little extra  line on the CV under ‘crowd control’, ‘bus queue management’, it’s a skilled job and someone has to do it). Well done to the Police.
  •  National Rail Staff (and potentially some TFL workers) were out in force at Victoria Station (and probably elsewhere) handing out alternative travel leaflets and advising us ‘lost London idiots’ on how to cross a road and not get run over. Well done you guys!
  • BUT, most of all I want to send out a HUGE thank you to the Bus Drivers. Over the years I have often pondered on who has the shittier job: Tube Drivers or Bus Drivers, and I always come to the same conclusion, Bus Drivers. They have to contend with the general public face to face, the general public who are still trying to buy bus tickets with cash, who are drunk, who are morons, who are rude and demanding; anyone who has worked with the general public (in a shop, bar, at events, etc.) can contest that we are generally dumb selfish arseholes, this in itself is an awful prospect and something the Tube Drivers don’t have to content with during their average working days. Add to that, suicidal Cyclists, who think they are participating in the Tour De London, and moronic Pedestrians, who think that the bus won’t hit them, ever; Taxi Drivers who believe they rule the roads and, once again, the general public who drive cars this time, and have no idea where they are going and you’ve got a Godly awful job. Then add that their routes can change at the drop of the hat and they’ve got to just go with it, say what?! And during industrial action by Tube workers the bus companies put on more services, BOOM! We’ve got ourselves some people who need appreciation, kind words and a MASSIVE shout out!

So to all your grumpy Bus Drivers out there, and we know you’ve every right to be grumpy (look at the list above), we appreciate your efforts and feel you deserve some mega London love, instead of the usual night bus’s drunken passengers trying to pay with their burgers and leaving you vomit as a memento! Keep up the great work!

PS I am sure there are 100 other groups of people who I should be thanking but there is no need to go over board with this post...however, great work guys and gals!

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