Tuesday, October 27, 2015

34.4% Fat

I had my induction today. I mainly want to increase my cardio "aka running ability", tone up and become flexible. I was publicly weighed (if I did embarrassment, I could have died) I weigh 10St 13lbs, the heaviest I've ever been, no wonder my zips and buttons groan under the pressure my wobbly body applies to them. And I have 34.4% fat in my hands, apparently! Which may explain why I've been suffering from 'fat fingers' while I type and hit two keys at once! Who knew fat in your hands was a thing and what if you actually suffer from fat hands but have a thin everything else, surely that is a thing!

I explained what I was hoping to gain from their torture chamber, so he started arranging loads of weight machine exercises, etc., say what?! I've never looked, let alone done any of these before. I'm not convinced but we shall see, who knows?! I'm open to options.

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