Friday, October 09, 2015

New Job


I’m unsure how I feel about it.
In the past four weeks, I have had various interviews with agencies and companies, most notably:

For a famous family which required a NDA to be signed for the interview, I’ve probably already said too much!
For an investment company which was nice but I totally failed the tests, however they liked me and wanted a second interview, which is super nice.
For another investment firm that had a double act interview me, I wasn’t keen on this and it came through the agency I didn’t really like. I had such pleasure telling him that I’d been offered a job elsewhere when he tried to let me down gently, jerk!
And then for the company who have offered me a role, which is based on Euston Road and seemed relatively normal and nice.

It’s for a good firm, with a little ego, with normal people and a reasonable pay package, good holiday allowance and extras attached (not that extras have ever bothered me before?).

I start next Monday.

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