Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Waterproofing Washable Nappies

Skip to the bottom of my ramblings to find out how to reproof your washable nappies...although I'm yet to conclude how many washes the proofing stays for - watch this space!

As some of you may know, Rowan and I chose to use washable nappies for PB. We couldn't quite face filling the earth with plastic, however we do use bio-gradable nappies (traditionally Naty, Bambo or Mum&You - which are all part biodegradable, not fully, but are better than 100% plastic), when traveling, or when the washables are destroyed my a moronic mother who wasn't thinking while buying detergent...as you will see below:

I've recently caused a huge headache where I washed the nappies with a detergent that had fabric softener included - without realising (always fishing for a bargain!) and couldn't work out why my new nappies were leaking a week after buying them! Face palm emoji thousand times over!

Any way, I took to the interweb to see what others had done and they all seems to stop at suggestions, one had used this before - Popolini Waxed Cotton - which was hard to locate, let alone buy and only comes in 20g jars. It appears to be a mixture of Bees wax, Lanolin & Soybean Oil. Only one pot showed up and I haven't used it yet; as I spoke with my brother who had reproofed his walking jacket and suggested the following products to me.

I initially ordered Nikwax TK Direct Wash In and Nikwax Direct Spray, I thought I'd try both. First I tried the spray, turning the BtP nappies inside out - no luck, the quick fix did not work!

I wanted to do this without the washing machine as I am staying with my Mother in Law and didn't want to break her machine. Next, I filled up a bucket and followed the hand wash instructions on the 'Nikwax Direct Wash In' solution, dried them and they were not waterproof, second failure!

Therefore, I umm-ed and ahh-ed for about 3 weeks, the entire time PB has been using biodegradable disposables and it's been killing me. SO...I finally bit the bullet, thinking "if I break the machine, I'll replace it", also I did it without her knowing...secrets protect me, no?

I followed the instructions below and it has worked, it appears the stripping of the existing waterproof liner and then reapplying is the trick. We are three nappies in - no leaks. I've now thrown the three into the machine again to see if they stay dry once washed, I will update when I know.
If this continues, it means I can reproof the 20 that I bought as replacements for the blown ones and resell them. I feel like I've recreated the wheel.

The only issue is that I'm yet to try it on an 'All in One' nappy, which I can not see working for obvious reasons.

I appear to have washed the nappy wraps and boosters at a 40 degree wash with some Napisan and it's blown the nappy wraps again. I've reproofed them and will once again, monitor how many washes the reproofing stays for, last time I managed two washes. I will also do a test to see if it was the 40 degrees or the Napisan which caused issues...I will keep you posted.

How to reproof blown Pocket / Birth to Potty
/ Waterproof wraps washable nappies:

Nikwax Tech Wash
Nikwax TK Direct Wash In

Turn eight BtP nappies inside out and add to the machine, dry and clean.
Ensure your detergent drawer is clean and has no residue in.
Add Nikwax Tech Wash, 200ml per 8, direct to the drum.
Run a 40 degrees cycle, no pre-wash.
Once complete
Add 200ml Nikwax Direct Wash In, direct to the drum.
Run a 30 degree synthetics cycle, no pre-wash.
Once complete.
Air dry.

Disclaimer: This hasn't caused any adverse affects to my machine, I can not speak for yours. Please only do this, knowing that it may cause issues, and I am not to blame. Thanks.

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