Friday, March 29, 2019

Dear Mr Corbyn

Dear Mr Corbyn,

I wouldn’t normally write such a letter and in a perfect world, where everyone loves each other, where the poor, elderly, vulnerable and disabled are all cared for to a high level and not seen as ‘a drain on society’, I would love for you to be in power and would continue to support your every whim, yet we do not live in this world. In fact we live in a very scary time where those in power and in a position to influence, care only for themselves and spent far too much time and energy trying to ‘conquer and divide’ those who are not in such a privileged position, and that is why I’m writing to you.
Now that the beloved MPs in Westminster have failed to agree on a deal, an extension of said negotiation period, and possibly failed to decide anything, other than to reward themselves a 3rd pay increase after many, many years of squeezing those in need, increasing homelessness and the numbers queueing at food banks, and causing many to incur mass debt, oh and buggering over the NHS (how could I forget Jeremy Hunt’s favourite pastime), we need to be honest. You as the leader of Labour party will never win an election (it pains me to say this, I voted for you and I wish we lived in the ideal world I mentioned above, but we don’t), you are the leader of a party that Tony Blair reshaped and changed; instead of being the far left party of the people, Labour ended up being cushioned between the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats. It isn’t Labour of the past who supported Unions and the little people, it’s the party of the nouveau-riche and educated working class, you no longer represent those at the bottom who have nothing. It is a huge shame but due to this, Labour can never win with you as the head of the party, you know this deep down; and that isn’t to say that you haven’t been wonderful opposition to Teresa May, you’ve had some wonderful sparing with her during ‘Prime Minister’s Questions’ and you’ve been the perfect Ying to her Yang, but we all know my statement is true. Even if the voting was just down to your own party, you have too many Blairites still in your party causing in-fighting – personally I would suggest you leave Labour and setup your own party – I’d suggest it to be ‘Socialist’ related (but the Nazis’ cocked that term up for everyone), and when the next election doesn’t have a majority win, you could join a coalition and impose some wonderful caring on behalf of those who need it most. We must remember that politics move with the time “eventually” and not even the Whigs could last – isn’t it ironic to think that the Conservatives were the controversial ‘lefties’ back in the day?
It does sadden me to write this (to no end and I wish it wasn’t true, I’ve tried to pretend for long enough that it’s possible but I need to be honest) but I don’t have faith in people doing what is best for themselves, and I fear the ‘Conservative PR machine’ will continue to spin the past 3 years and somehow blame everyone else for their mess, exactly like they did with the Lib Dems during their coalition period.

Yours sincerely
Sad in Swansea.

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