Monday, October 20, 2008


So, at the weekend I went to a sing-a-long Sound of Music - it was fucking awesome and don't knock it till you try it!
Although randomly I don't ever remember there being Nazi's in it or the escape at the end of the film. I only ever remember them getting married, so maybe I used to turn it off after that (well happily ever after is so much more beautiful, especially when you're a young girl).

Anyway, the point of this blog is that after the fantastic evening, I went to The Pot to see Chips and Moneymaker, as they'd been working. Shortly after I arrived, my bosses came back to the pub with some friend and a friend's parents. It turned out that the step-mum was a palm reader, this got me VERY excited!!!

She said she'd happily read my palm, I was extremely estatic!!! So we sat in the corner, one of the first things she said was "you're very creative and not in just one area, you're really creative and you need to apply yourself more, it's the key to your future career" - correct and what the ?! My future career?!
- "In the last two years you've had two flings very close together, you're very close to meeting, in fact you've already met him, you're very close to starting up a relationship with the man who you'll spend the rest of the life with. You've a long long line on your heartline, which implies once you've hooked up, you won't be parting for a very long time." - score, although he's got a long wait if he thinks I'm going out of my way or going to make any effort, lol. Plus I thought maybe she was talking about my relationship with Paul last year and how within two weeks, I was in bed with a future fuck buddy. These were the last flings I had. Unless she's got her timing wrong and is talking about now. I've had some fantastic fun with a couple of lovely chaps but that's all. Plus if two years is recent to her, it probably won't happen for another 3 or 4.
- "You're going to travels loads, although they are rather short trips, not long excursions. They seem to be linked to your creativity, Maybe you'll be a journalist?" - Umm, you've seen my style of writing, it's unlikely but I do prefer long weekends away than massive bouts of holidays.
-"You're extremely centered, you know who you are, this is very good. It adds to your lovely nature and spirit" - thanks, it's hard sometimes to be so amazing but someone has to do it, lol.
-"You'll have children, looks like 3, 2 of them are extremely close together, maybe even twins" - run for the fucking hills, twins no way on earth. I want my children to be close together, if possible, but twins, hell no!!!
-"There is a 'V' here on your palm. I can't quite remember what it means but I'm pretty sure it's in relation to conflict. It's very prominent, so either you've had it and hold it close or you're about to have it. Either way, you hold it very close to you, almost too close. You don't want to forget it, you see it as a lesson" - I'm very peaceful generally but if I feel unfairly treated or as though someone is taking the piss, I'll put them in their place and this has caused some bouts of conflict in my life. I didn't talk to my grandma for 6 months due to disagreeing with her and have lost friends due to telling them they are out of order. I do hope it relates to a past conflict, as I don't actually enjoy conflict whats so ever.

I think that was about it. There were other things but they were pretty meaningless...I really enjoyed it though, was nice to get my palm read. I'd very much like to have it done by someone else, so I could compare notes but whatever. I also know it's very general, never precise but she hit some nails on the head and she couldn't have asked anyone about me before hand, as her step-daughter wouldn't have mentioned me in passing and I wasn't supposed to be there at all. Well no matter how you feel about it, I enjoyed it and love that sort of shit, so will happy try again...see what happens?!

Time will tell...

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