Thursday, October 02, 2008

Some people should be left to get on with it

Now I know that the police have a job to do, as do the Motorway surveillance team. But, after watching the clip below, you really think that maybe they should leave some people to it. Watch the film and then read my rant, if you fancy having your ears chewed!

Stupid women

Here are two Swedish sisters walking down the central reservation of the M6 (for the non-British of you, it's an extremely busy road connecting the South of England to the North). The motorway team see them on the cameras, the police dispatch to bring them to safety, not only are they risking their own lives, but the drivers too.

The police slow the traffic, bring the girls to the side for questioning. As they are asking what I assume would be simple questions, one of the girls breaks away and runs directly in to the oncoming traffic (What the fucking hell?!). She gets hit by a lorry (surprise surprise), as she gets hit, her sister runs after her (I know they are blonde but seriously?). She also get hits but by a van. Now, if they want to kill themselves, do it on their own time, not on others and don't do it where they are likely to fuck up everyone else's day. Those poor drivers who hit the girls, poor poor people. On a side note, the traffic generally slows down when the police have lights flashing on the side of the road, so am guessing they got hit at about 40-50mph, this isn't the usual motorway traffic but still - ouch!!!

Because they made a break for it and got hit. The entire motorway stops!!! Massive tail backs ensue. People's lives are stopped due to these stupid bitches! One of them then tries to have a similar thing happen on the other side of the motorway, after assaulting an officer who is trying to save her life (let her fucking get hit, maybe she'll die and then she'll learn not to play on a motorway!).
Plus a helicopter gets called out to take the first stupid bitch to hospital. Do you know how much a call out of a helicopter costs? About £1000 apparently!!! And after all this bullshit, the second stupid bitch gets one day in jail! ONE DAY!!! The other gets to sponge off our National Health for 7 weeks! To me, this is extremely unfair justice! They risked their own and hundreds of other peoples lives, as well as upset a couple of drivers who hit them and also, could have caused numerous crashes along the way. They then have a helicopter called out to them, another cost. They probably had legal aid at the court hearing and 7 weeks on the NHS and then we get the added cost of paying for one of them to go to jail for one day - I'd have rather invoiced them for everything and made them pay it or face jail in Sweden for 6 months! At least that would have made more sense and not pissed our money and services up the fucking wall!

Now I know I sound like I read the Daily Mail, wear wellington boots to walk my dog across the fields, while in my Barbour mac and obviously vote Conservative but really? Can you really tell me it was worth saving their lives? Is one of them going to save someone elses life? Is one of them going to cure Cancer? Doubtful!

Some people have said to me, they can't be straight in the head, drugs must be involved but still, what the fuck?! In my eyes, it would have been easier, cheaper and quicker to have left them to it.


Photo-Jenn-ic said...

I saw this the other day, I have no idea if they were on drugs or not but either way they wasted the polices time and ruined everyones day! Plain selfish really

Pipsywoo said...

I know, it really boiled my blood! As you can see, lol. x

Unknown said...

I definitely reckon there was more to this than meets the eye, those two have obviously got some reason they're running from the police................... I'm not saying they're NOT stupid bitches but............ there you go.