Wednesday, October 15, 2008

To make up or not to make up

Right, so I've got to write this now, as I've too much to say in a comments box. My dearest friend Axl wrote a simple blog about women not wearing make up.

Right, so I agree with them. Most ladies do look lovely without make up. I was always told by my ex that I looked better without but he was pretty insecure, so I always thought he wanted me to look pap so other guys didn't look twice at me (easily plausible). I'm very religious about taking my make up off and always think after I've removed the tired, half worn away make up and put some moisturiser on, that I look much better, than five minutes before.

Recently, after some good nights of sleep, my first thoughts in the morning when I look in the mirror are "wow I look half decent". I mainly wear make up to make me look awake. Recently I didn't wear any to work and I looked like death (according to my bosses - thanks for that) and I do look extremely tired without the make up, where as with it, I can pretend that I didn't work until 1am, get to bed at 2am, sleep for 6 hours and then crawl out of bed to come to work, for the last 3 weeks.

I used to wear loads of make up (I've never been a foundation girl but eye make up yes), I was quite insecure, I was one of those confident insecure types, whereas now, I'm very confident and happy. I'll go whole days without ever even thinking about it.

I have friends who'll sleep in theirs, in case there is a fire in the middle of the night. I have other friends who think a little bit of mascara is over doing it, some that like to wear a little here and there, others who wear the entire make up counter just to go to the shops and others who wear it for fun.

There are loads of different reasons for wearing it, loads and loads. Mainly it's a mask to disguise certain tell tale signs of sleepness nights, stress, scaring, etc. But some times it's just fun to still be you and look like someone else, someone who could conquer the world or run a bank or be a dirty little bitch.

It's the fun that I like most, it's the changes of expressions and faces. I don't think it's bad, in fact I think it's amazing but there is something incredible about a fresh face, which will always be classic. Just allow your lady friends to be who they are, reassure them that they are beautiful and they'll relax and show you the real face soon enough.

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