Thursday, December 04, 2008


I know it's wrong and that I should feel very privileged to be invited to a celebrity event of the year but I can't be arsed. I still feel a bit sick and would rather my bed than a drive to Somerset. Plus, I'm more excited about Fat Freddy's Drop in London tomorrow night, than tonight.

I did a last minute, argh! run to the shops to find something new - nothing! So bought some make up instead, that's normal, isn't it? No dresses, so make up will do. Good, I thought it was.

Am now sat here, one Berocca, 2 lemsip down, thinking ugh, whatever?! I've been given the chance to get out of it and I know I shouldn't want to but I do. I know if I don't go it'll be a shame but I also know that at one point this evening, I'll think "why the hell am I here?". My colleague's husband is going now, so I'll inevitably be alone at some points, even though I'll know people there, they'll all have plus ones to hang with, this isn't really an issue but then you feel half cut, everything is a lot more drastic, when normal.

The biggest shitter, is the no mobile phone rule. I know I know, I used to live quite happily without a mobile, was quite happy for my own thoughts and peace and quiet and yet the idea of not having it, does worry me slightly, as boredom is always solved by these beautiful trouble making, killing machines.

Right, I must get going. I must go and have fun and oh don't forget to wear make up, as my boss implied that I didn't want to scare any guests away, yep cheers for that, feeling on top of the world already. Luckily I know he's kidding, well he best be kidding - bastard!

I'll let you know how bad it wasn't soon. At least I know I won't be drunk enough to make a fool of myself, yeah!!! For once.

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