Tuesday, December 09, 2008

I'd rather go to the dentist

Firstly, the wedding was lovely. It wasn't as much of a slog as I thought it would be. I didn't drink and am glad I didn't. It was a lovely occasion and I'm glad I attended. It was a lot more intimate than I thought it would be, which makes it more special.

I didn't make it in to the pages of Hello!, shameful on their behalf really but what can you do?

After my horrid bout of cold last week, I've no developed Tonsillitis.
Now this may sound random but I get it all the time, not as bad as this but pretty bad. I always thought when I got a little swelling on one side of my throat, it was a gland but according to my father, it's tonsil based. Which means one of them flames up at least once every two months.
When I was younger, I used to always get it and the doctors always fobbed me off, with the whole "if you get it again, we'll take them out", I had it about 6 times in one year and every time, we'll do something about it next time - they never did.

Anyway, I always thought it was a gland swollen, not my tonsils, so normally ignored it and after a few days they'd go away. I'd feel fine, other than the lump, so would carry on regardless.
They swelled up on Sunday, both sides which is quite rare for me, bloody painful and gross, so I slept a lot! Did nothing. I went to work last night 7 hours of pub work and at 9pm a headache kicked in, was awful. Came home after work and passed out, still headachy at 3am, same again at 6am, same again at 7am, at which point I went on a hunt for drugs! Found some paracetamol and codeine - these brought my tonsils down and finally got rid of the headache.

Woke up this morning rough as sandpaper and feeling pap. Now the reason I'd rather go to the Dentist, is my Doctors surgery is horrendous! If they answer the phone, you get arsey receptionists who don't want to book appointments and don't want to be bothered. Once you finally get an appointment, it's for 3-4 days time. If you're still ill then and make it to the surgery, you're kept waiting 30 minutes past your appointment time by hypochondriac old people and then the doctors normally tell you that it's a virus or that a couple of paracetamol every four hours will do the trick?! I hate the doctors, I never go. I personally think if you're well enough to go to the doctors to get sick notes, you're well enough to attend work. I'd rather get my teeth drilled than go to the doctors. I'd rather get a huge bill off my dentists, as even this is less painful than trying to attend the surgery.

I went to Tesco' pharmacy, thought they might be able to give me advice. Immediately I got the horrid lady (there are two and one is lovely and one is cold hearted and rude - I think she's in league with the surgery's receptionists). She told me to go to the doctors, I told her I had no time and by the time my appointment was made they'd have gone away, she sold me Ibuprofen - woop!
I went to see my parents, they'd a stack of old medicine and low and below an old bottle of Penicillin - yeah! So what it's it's 15 years old, there is enough in there for at least 9 days worth. My dad was a little apprehensive but I don't care. It hasn't cost me loads of hassle from the doctors and it's free. If it doesn't work, I loose nothing and if it does - added bonus!

I mean, I eat rotten fruit and veg with the mouldy bits removed and out of date tinned food, etc - what's the difference between that and out of date drugs?

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