Sunday, March 01, 2009

2 hangovers in 12 hours, impressive!

I got to see Natalie Kate!!! I ended up having a horrendous hangover, by drinking way too much at work the night before. Also going on to dance and drink with some regulars until 3am, didn't help at all...but was fun!

So after a very slow start and an interesting bike ride across town (my brakes are bust on my bike. Last night I remembered this, this morning however? It's very interesting trying to stop a bike, which only just slows, while hurtling towards a car in the bike lane at The Plain) to the station (At this point, I looked like an extra from Top Gun crossed with a Ra, I felt like a soggy bit of used toilet roll dropped on the floor of a public toilet). I boarded a train and felt worse than before. At Marble Arch tube, I decided to walk up the stairs, don't ask why - hangover crossed with temporary insanity, I guess. After 3 flights I asked myself what I thought I was doing but chose not to give up, as I'm a fighter. I won! Screw you Marble Arch Tube Station and your stairs!!!

From here I went on down Park Lane (this is when I started to feel better, I suppose Park Lane is long enough for anyone to feel well on it), across St James Park and along the Mall. There are no bins on the Mall - grr! I had to carry my rubbish all the way along to Traf. Sq. I wonder how many photos there are of the guards at Buck Palace and Clarence House in existence? There were loads of people there snapping away.

Didn't get to see the art I wanted to, other than Christian art and I find it all such a bore. The Picasso show was sold out until 4pm, so we opted for a walk about, which obviously means going to a pub for hair of the dog. Nat's old uni friends joined us for drinks, I got pretty drunken - oppsy!

Once drunk, we finally made our way back to the shire, via Ealing Broadway, which meant we had to get the slow train...changed at Reading and left with one option, another slow train - took an hour to get from Reading to Oxford, at which point I'd sobered up and felt rather hungover all over again! 2 hangovers in 12 hours, pretty impressive if you ask me!

Popped to the pub across town to collect my bike and enjoyed a little tipple to ease my tiredness. Then met up with the Ninor for another small drink, as prearranged. Left Ninor and friends to go home, via the pub at the bottom of the hill, at which point I felt rather awake and starting chatting with some regulars, time flew by and all of a sudden it was another bedtime of 4am?!

In other news: I've no idea what to give up for Lent. It's a little late to start but I'd like to try and give up something.

My bank card got rejected last night, twice. It's lucky I didn't stay in London for the bbq, otherwise I'd have been stuck there this morning with an inability to get back to the shire for work.

I did a new painting the other day and am not that convinced by it, at all. Which is rather disappointing.

I'm 2 seasons of Arrested Development in! My favourite Chicken dance so far is Lindsay'. I can't find any single video evidence, damn it!!!

I'm still excited about this:

And am loving this song! If only there was a proper video!

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