Thursday, March 12, 2009

Some politicians have no idea!

I haven't written a blog for well over a week, oh the horror, but I saw this news article and it's annoyed me!
What you eat doesn't make you fat of it's own accord. It's what else you eat and how much you eat.
You could get fat from eating a ton of salad everyday, all day!
What makes you fat, in my eyes, is not having a varied enough diet and also doing no exercise.
People are too reliant on everything being immediate. It's all about what is practical for when and how easy it is too use. It's nothing to do with chocolate, per say.

We currently live in a convenient world, where none of us have any time to spend on anything. We're too busy trying to get it all none asap and constantly trying to upgrade for the newer better thing.
If you don't want people to be fat, take away certain conveniences and educate them. Taxing chocolate is going to do nothing to stop it, as taxing cigarettes and alcohol proves, it just makes people poorer and more determined to get what they feel is their right! It also cripples companies economies.

It's similar to teenage pregnancy. Educate them at an early age. Parents have got to stop wrapping their kids in cotton wool, believing they are too young to hear about certain subjects and have to start thinking that they are raising a small human who will pick up things of their own accord and is it not better to give them as much detail as possible, so they can judge for themselves.
Giving someone information and guidance, doesn't encourage them to go and try it for themselves. It gives them a chance to make their own opinions up and become good judges of situations and circumstances.

I think the biggest problem with many politicians is that they are stuck in a goldfish bowl world, where they spend too long looking at tally charts and reports of small sectors of the public and never actually get out there and meet the people.
I know they have a hard job, I wouldn't want it, but taxing the public is not the answer. I find it ludicrous that their instant answers is to tax things and get money for the inconvenience. But would the tax money really go to the hospitals who deal with the obese? Does the tax money for cigarettes go to the Cancer Wards?
I hate how acclimatised our nation is that being taxed is acceptable and makes sense. Why does it? It doesn't a lot of the time.
Maybe they should stop paying themselves so much and start spending the money where it matters...on the education of the young! It's too late for my generation but it's not too late for the future generations.

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