Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Flukey Dukey

I dodge death on Friday.
OK, this might be a little dramatic but not necessarily.
I had a shit day on Friday. Last week was supposed to be my holiday but due to financial restraints, I opted to work for most of it. I had one actual day off and ended up doing housework (a womans work is never done). So, to say the least by Friday, I wasn't very relaxed or happy. That morning, I shaved a huge chunk out of my leg (nice), walked in to a door frame, couldn't find the cardigan I wanted and basically had a disastrous day!

6.30 comes round and I set off for work, for how much worse can today get?
Well, it could get as bad as a foreigner stepping in to the road, looking the wrong way, when it's not his right to cross!
And with my slamming in to said foreigner. Wanker!

I slammed straight in to him, with the only sound coming from my lips being "Woooooooeeeeeeeee"! He looks at what is making this noise, as I slam "Pow" right in to him!
I'm dismounted from my bike, in to the middle of the road. Soar elbow, knee and ankle. I pick myself up, look at him and speak the following words "you may want to look in the other direction in future". Some guys near him are trying to check I'm ok, while I scorn him. I say that I'm fine, sigh "Jesus Christ" rather loudly and carry on my way.

Only later, after my shock had subsided, did it hit me, if a bus or car had been following me, I may not be here now. I could be a lot worse off. Or maybe, if a bus or car had been following me, I may not have been knocked off my bike at all.

Either way, I'm very lucky to have got away with a sore body and nothing else. Two and a half years of cycling in Oxford and I've finally been knocked off. Thank god it was a pedestrian and nothing more.

Once again, I've fluked my way through. I feel very lucky!

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