Friday, May 15, 2009

Someone pass me a gun!

I was made to watch American Idol last night. I didn't want too but was eating dinner at a friends and she's a fan.
The shows starts, misty screens, orange skin and whiter than white teeth.

Then my friends favourite comes on. He's the childish emo looking dickhead, with a face that needs a large dent in it, to be improved.
Everyone screams, everyone loves it, the judges (two of whom, I've no idea who they are), Paula and Simon, plus the host come in to view and they start to discuss the songs the three contestants will be singing.

Simon Cowell with his awful hair and whiter than white teeth announces that he's selected a U2 song for this irritating kid. Boasts about some personal confirmation from Bono (Please let's try and remove this hypocritical wanker from the face of the earth. Old U2 good, modern U2 - irritating!), and off the shows goes with an awful rendition of one of my favourite songs, One.

In typical American television fashion, they make the song theatrical, epic and generally destroyed it in 2 easy minutes!!!
A once beautiful, calm, serene, emotional song has now been adapted to a horrid, screechy, cretinous rendition!

I now want to really punch this kid in the face. And the fact that the judges spend the next 1000 seconds gushing about how amazing it was, I'm sorry, you what?

This is why I hate most American TV "talent" shows - where's the remote?

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