Friday, August 06, 2010

Alicia Duval and daughter

I'm currently watching this show and as much as I love it, as it's interesting to see the rolls of Mother and Daughter so constantly being swapped. It's also extremely worrying to see someone so emotionally unstable bringing up a daughter. I guess it happens day in and day out, without the lime light. At least Alicia's daughter, Georgia has her head screwed on and keeps herself level at all times.

I think the more worrying factor is that Alicia spends the entire time trying to convince her daughter that brains are worthless and appearances are more important than anything. Like her friend says, she's trying to live her lost childhood through her daughter/pushing her childhood desires on to her daughter.

I only wish Alicia could appreciate how beautiful, intelligent and clever her daughter is and be proud of how her daughter has turned out, without any of the troubles that Alicia had to go through during her childhood. I've my fingers crossed for the ending of the show. And Alicia should also be proud to have created and raised such an individual.

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