Thursday, August 26, 2010

Barton on Sea & Bath

In the last few weeks I've tripped to Barton on Sea. To meet Tom's parents while they were on their holiday, it was really lovely down there and they are extremely nice and welcoming people.
Barton on Sea is a village on the edge of New Milton down in Hampshire. It's quiet and quaint. We spent the first afternoon there on the beach in Christchurch. We spent the rest of the weekend hanging out, eating and drinking. There was a lovely local pub, The House Martin, from outside it looked like a Beefeater but it was an independent brewer's which was lovely. They had some interesting lagers on tap from a brewery called Hofbrau, it was a very nice lager and I recommend it.
We went for a little potter around the New Forest also, it was a lovely day. I'd advise you to not try and play the Kiwi game 'Horse', it's far too tiring.
Tom's donkey impression is incredibly funny, that will stay with me for some time. It sounds like a disgruntled old man.
I fell in love with these huge daises, they were so incredibly beautiful and striking. We sat in the garden on Saturday evening and I couldn't concentrate at all, they kept on stealing it. I'm looking forward to return trips in the future.

Bath was great fun. Ninor is soon leaving to return to the land of Oz and she'd never been in the five years she's lived here, so I insisted on the matter. We all got the train, so we could enjoy the local offerings to the full. Chips, Tom, JFo, Ninor and Scott were all in attendance. Before we left, I kept on talking about the children's play area in the city (Victoria Park). Everyone thought I was mad, who had the last laugh, well all of us actually. It's so awesome. Not only is Bath beautiful and charming, the pubs were warm, the food good and this play area one of the greatest known to man. They have an area of grown children (Aka adults) which was hysterical. Poor Chips tumbled off the roundabout, which in my eyes was extremely dangerous but very funny, it took me about 5 attempts to get the courage to jump on.
After a little potter around the centre, to show Ninor the sights we visited the following establishments:
Gascoyne Place - it was nice, pleasant but only a short stay and I walked in to the mirror in the bathroom, like a dick!
The Raven - This was a charming little boozer. Chips came here last time he was in Bath and was impressed with it and so were we. Excellent ales, pies and service.

The Kings Arms - This was a great pub. Especially good after running around a playground. They had a great selection of bands with interesting names playing soon and the bar lady was awesome, very friendly and helpful. Plus we all tried Chilli Sambuca, it's not that bad!
Nina and I went to the Baths, while the rest of them went to H&M, as Chips had ripped a whole in his jeans and then they relocated at The Huntsman - This was your typical chain pub, which basic pub food and reasonable prices on drinks. It was nice. Busy and to be fair, nothing special but it was rather perfect for what we were looking for. We also did a shot of Tequila here, that was most disagreeable but all round rather funny.
After we finished our drinks here, we decided upon a return trip home (via Didcot) with some beers and good chat. All in all, a successful day was had by all.

This weekend I'm venturing to Snowdonia to attend the Pennal Show, there is no website I'm sorry to inform you. I've been informed it's like a country fete but with dog race like events and cake & vegetable growing competitions.
Should be good old fashioned fun! Although the 8am departure time on Saturday morning might just kill me!

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