Friday, July 19, 2013

The Beatles - Full of surprises

I thought I'd heard everything that The Beatles had ever recorded, especially during the years where I worked in the music industry and when I dated one of the biggest Beatles fans I've ever known,'s not true!

My friend Glenn visited from Minneapolis a few months a go and I put on Help! by The Beatles, to supply perfect background music. Mid record, just before I needed to turn it over, the most beautiful, catchy, incredible song played and I was awe struck. Conversation halted. The world stopped turning for a second. Everything froze!

All I can say is that I had never heard the most simplest, beautiful, heartfelt song known to man before. This song over took every other song that has struck me. It's just incredible...I now listen to this every time I lose faith, belief in the greater things or just need cheering up, it's now up there with TV on the Radio 'Wolf like me', and due to this post being about happy songs, have TV on the Radio, for good's still my 'happy song', well it's not my ultimate, life is bad and there is no way out of this hole song (that trophy is still held by a terrible 90s band) but it is my cheering me up, raring to go, party time song...

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