Sunday, July 28, 2013

Moving out

The big move happened on Saturday, I'd spent the week before packing and prepping my life into bags and boxes and was ready to load it up and send it back to Oxfordshire.

My friend, Jo, came to help, along with my parents, who were/are mega stars! I came back to the shire with them and all of my stuff and hung out for the evening. For some reason I was unable to sleep last night. I guess it was strange being in a quiet neighbourhood, minus the drunken calls of Essex lads at 2am. Also, it had been such a long tiring day, I assume I was over tired.

I'm now sat in my flat, on my mattress on the floor, looking at my swat like hovel. It's all so weird and bizarre...I miss my stuff!

One work week left and I'm going, going, gone!

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