Sunday, September 08, 2013

All moved in

Having moved out at the beginning of August, I stayed with an awesome friend and her husband for a week and a half in Bermondsey. I then headed to Chiswick to house sit for two weeks. During this period, I had my friend, Lauren, stay with me. The house was the most lovely house, very stylish and homely, which is a hard mix to accomplish. I was also cat sitting, although I think it was more that they looked after me.

Choucas' weak spot!

During this time, I chilled, drank, crocheted, hosted a small bbq and had some good times one weekend along the river with some most excellent friends: JFo and Budge.

Choco tries to blend in!

At the end of this, I headed back to Bermondsey for just over a week and then, finally, I moved in to my new flat, with my guardian angel of a new housie: Innie. 

(In fact during the entire period after my break up, I appear to have been surrounded and looked after by so many different "angels in disguise", it's been rather incredible and has made me feel truly blessed! I've always believed in karma and this period of time has truly shown me that it exists, although I really don't think I've deserved this much kindness, it has been awe inspiring).

I moved myself in mid week and on Friday collected the majority of my crap from my parents, with the help of some wonderful friends, we got it in to my room, just about! I spent all of yesterday unpacking, but check it out!

My creative centre

Dressing Area

Alternative light

Newly made curtains

Some high brow TV shows and reading...

Some actual high brow reading (well, mostly)...

I finally got the chance to use some fabric, which I've had for seven years, as my new curtains, I'm so glad I kept hold of it. I've also got a creative area for sewing, art projects and various other crafts that I turn my hand too. Although all I've used it for so far, is storage of clean clothes and other crap.

Innie has lent me her old dresser, which I've been given permission to adapt. It's currently cream, soon it shall be collaged in flowers and type, with awesome flower handles - I'm totally embracing my girly side, after two years of being told everything has to be mutually decorated. YAY! Bring on the flowers, sequins and glitter!

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