Monday, October 28, 2013

A conversation with a disgruntled 70 year old man, otherwise known as my Dad

This is a snipet of the typical telephone conversation I have with my Dad -

Me: Hi Dad.
Dad: Oh hi.
Me: I’m coming home this weekend!
Dad: Are you, why?
Me: It’s Grandma’s birthday.
Dad: Is it?
Me: Yes, it’s been her birthday on November 3rd since her birth, in the 20s.
Dad: Well no one tells me these things?! (this is his own mother, we are talking about, bloody men!).
Me: I think we’re going to hers and eating Fish and Chips.
Dad: Oh joy!
Me: I was calling to talk to Mum about logisitics.
Dad: I’ve no idea where she is.
Me: Oh right.
Dad: It’s not like we make plans and she then buggers off and does her own thing.
Me: Ok, well I might come home on Friday, you can tell me all about it then?!
Dad: Will you want picking up from the station?
Me: Possibly, will that be a pain?
Dad: Depends. How about you call when your mother is at home?
Me: I didn’t realise she wasn’t when I initially rang, it’s not as though she has a gps and I’ve got a tracking system?!
Dad: Well she’s not here.
Me: Ok, love you.
Dad: Bye.

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