Friday, October 25, 2013

The end of BST sucks!

This week, I have mostly been tired! I hate the last week of British Summer Time so, so much! It's horrid. Dark, damp, windy and tiring...I can not wait for Monday morning, a sentence I would not normally say, no matter what the circumstance.

A friend was saying the other day that she doesn't think we should change the clocks. I highly disagree. I could not survive Winter with mornings like the last week of would be nightmarish and scenes like this every morning would make me most depressed!

And I'm not a depression kind of girl, I'm a 'happy go lucky, sunny side up' kind of girl!

Roll on 2am on Sunday, I shall be saluting the sun rise and extra light with both hands! Plus, winter evenings are extremely enchanting and magical, especially with all the fairy lights that Christmas brings.

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