Tuesday, October 29, 2013


There aren't that many places in the World, that I'd love to visit. In fact, I could probably count them on both hands:

China - to see the Terracotta Army and Great Wall of China.
Japan - just generally but mostly for the architecture and impressive scenery.
India - Taj Mahal, various festivals and food.
Iceland or Finland - to see the Northern lights.
Tuscany and Greece - food, sea and scenery.
and I'd like to drive across North America and around Ireland.

Saying this, doens't mean I wouldn't like to go to other places, I just really want to go to these places.


I've now seen Kolmanskop and I think it has to be added, right near the top. It looks haunting. I remember seeing it in Vogue some years back in a photo shoot and thinking that it looked remarkable.

It's kind of unbelieveable, haunting and enchanting!

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