Thursday, October 25, 2007

My Rose Tinted Life

So far this week, it's all been rather uneventful, compared to recent weeks but it's been a lot of fun. The way I view life is it's not what happens, it's how you tell the stories of what happened that make life interesting or not.
Hence my requirement to always put a comical angle and a rosy glow to any events, bad or good - at least that way it'll be entertaining for others and most of the time sound like a fairytale - which after all are some of my favourite styles of stories.
So let's start with Saturday night, I know it's unorthodox but playing by the rules is boring.
I originally had Saturday night booked off, due to drinking plans but everyone got busy else where, so I said I'd help at the pub for the rugby...the pub was rammed when I arrived, 3 deep, haven't seen it like that in ages, so set about serving people booze, the first person I served was a rather handsome chap in a rugby shirt, who had hulking shoulders and a cheeky smile - mmm! After the game finished, I put on the only fitting song I could think off 'Another one bites the dust' by one of the greatest bands in the world - Queen! It went down ok, I think everyone was too busy licking their wounds to even notice the ironic undertones of the song.
I continued to help out for a while and then eventually clocked off, with a few pints inside me, drank some more with my housemates and friends, at one point I drank too much (am in the belief the Tuaca makes me go insane, I was scaring people who were drugged up - that's impressive for one who just drinks), anyway, like I was saying drinking away to the point where even when we got home at midnight, I was still drinking - not at any point did I consider being too drunk - god damn, why did I not consider that?!
That night I force fed Roo's girlfriend Red Bull, danced my head off, flushed my half dead goldfish Bob (long live Bob), chatted to Beth and then realised that chuckupvilles was a nice place to visit twice. Finally passed out in bed.
To wake up on Sunday with a hangover from hell, I was literally sick every 5 minutes over the space of 3 hours to the point where I got the fear of dying, at which point I called for help from the housemates, who were fabulous. Cheers Chips and Ninor.
Finally felt alive and stopped feeling sick at about 6pm after a few hours sleep. The house went out for dinner, I had a meaty steak to replenished my lost stock and it was so so good - no wine though for obvious reasons.

Monday consisted of my getting up and going to the capital, everything ran to plan and as I turned up so did the coach, we all got on, I just sat down when the bus pulled away and then slammed his brakes on, to which I heard the sound of a girl falling down the stairs backwards - ouch!!! After a 20 minute delay, the ambulance taking the poor thing off and us being shipped on to a new bus, we were off again.
An hour later I arrived in one of my favourite cities but in one of my least favourite parts of it (god damn Oxford Street - the best thing about Oxford Street is the Selfridges Christmas Windows)..met up with one of works accountants who is a lot of fun, had some sushi (yummy, thanks Azmat), left Azmat and went to an exhibition at The Barbican.
This exhibition is good, very good...although if you're a little prudish, do not attend as it's all about sex and how's it's been perceived through the years through different cultures - the Asian population are right dirty fuckers! It was quite inspiring and also very interesting, although if like me you're single and have no "special" friends, don't go - one of the bigger anti-climaxes of my life, lol. But all in all, brilliantly curated!

Tuesday I woke for a early morning bike ride around Oxford, as always when I cycle by the river, only female rowers, no bulky men - god damn. While in town I purchased some oils so I've no excuse to put off my new painting, like I've been putting off making my new curtains - procrastinating is loads of fun. Did some cleaning, came to work and then went home to join Lezzard and Dave for some crap horror films, no need to leave the light on that night, they weren't even a little scary, although I did scream twice during the first one but I'm a jumpy bunny, what can I say.

Wednesday, work and work, although I did receive one of the best chat up lines ever (I'm a sucker for chat up lines, love the cheesy ones delivered in a hellish cheesy manner and I love the ones that make we women buckle at first hearing). This one was a new one on me but a lovely one nevertheless.
"Your mother must be a beautiful lady" I thought it was nice, although he was quite old, so either he was complimenting me, or trying to chat me up or wanting my mum's number, god knows?! But anyhow, thought it was rather adorable.

All in all, not a bad week so far - fingers crossed for the rest of it, although I originally had a night off on Friday to get wasted but it's had to be cancelled due to other commitments, was hoping to go drinking with The Fizz but she's now got to work, so think I may as well earn money also, at least that way I can afford Kiwiland in February.

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