Thursday, October 04, 2007

Personal ads

I'm currently reading a book (yeah I know, a book - reading - me, never thought it was possible, did you?), anyhow, within this book the lady is going through a divorce and she's put a personal ad in a paper. Her personal ad is so precise and rather scary - if I was a bloke, I wouldn't way.

So, I set about thinking about the things she put in her ad, aren't they things you're suppose to learn and discover during the dating period, the fun things to learn and try to memorise. I'm not sure if any of you (myspace friends of mine) remember but a while a go I wrote a personal ad on my myspace blog (due to friends insisting it's not right for a girl to be single and happy, so I cracked under the pressure and it also made me laugh, A LOT)...I'm sure it'll have changed a little since I wrote it but if I was going to write a hugely precise personal ad, what would I put in it and what would I forget by mistake...I think mine would read something like this:

I like my sleep but normally between 3-11am, I'm a complete night owl. I love to hate daytime tv. I adore bad American comedies that I can ridicule. I love finding spelling mistakes in magazines, papers and especially menus. I'm generally a light hearted girl and relatively easy going. I love banter, am quick witted and have a dark sense of humour. I've the table manners to eat with anyone from the Queen to a pack of wild dogs, other wise known as children. I love the little things, smells, flowers, nature, tokens of friendships, entering a warm cosy house from the cold, sparklers, photography, friends laughter. My friends and family generally come first. I love time with myself, as much as I love time with friends. I like doing crosswords alone, I hate people helping me, unless I've asked them too. I love going outside, walking in the countryside, bike rides, etc but I also adore a day on the sofa watching films and scoffing my face. I'm pretty independent, so you'll need to be so too. I can be one of the guys but don't treat me like this all the time, I am a girl after all. I love to shop for anything and nothing but I hate shopping during the sales. I love my friends and will understand and defend their actions to the skies. I find it very hard to say no, please don't test me, I feel guilty for a lot of what I don't do. I can be a bit of a neat freak. I love high heels but I generally keep them for special occasions or emotional pick me ups. I'm a cynical optimist and yes that is possible. I love dressing up, whether it's fancy dress or for dates. I love eating out and going out. I know what I like and what I don't, if I'm unsure or unresearched I'll let you know. I love going to art galleries, museums and locations with good history value. I'm generally accepting of people's opinions, I may not agree with them but I respect the right to have an opinion. I'm mac based, not pc, therefore I need it simple and straight up! I'm a fighter not a debater.

You see, I could go on but I won't...the only problem with this is that, I've spoilt the first half of getting to know someone, some of these will either be said in conversation, learnt in time or mentioned along the's the whole point of getting to know someone and there is nothing better than the first fight in a new relationship, where you learn more about your than you did before.

I'd rather someone learnt this, I'd rather they didn't know some of it, I'd rather it was found out in the old fashioned sense of the world. Maybe that's why I always go for the old fashioned way and it's probably also why I don't like the idea of speed dating, dating websites, etc - I'd rather just one day bump in to someone, I like the mystery of never knowing when I may meet someone or how I may meet them. I believe in happily ever after and like to hope it'll work out one day, I'm in no hurry for it to do so, just happy to hang about and see what happens...maybe that's why I'm so wary of these places and ways to hurry up such a natural occurrence. Who knows?!

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