Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Pucker Up!

I've been thinking for a while about how certain acts that we humans do, are extremely strange.
Why do we shake hands? Why do we kiss? Why do we clap to show appreciation? And sex, what on earth is that about?!

The main one that confuses me is kissing, it doesn't appear to really do anything health wise and when the kiss is right, it sends shivers right through you're whole system and makes you light headed, but is that because we relate it to a sexual act, or because of nerve endings and where they are connected too.

I've had my share of kisses over the years:
My first kiss was when I was about 7 years old, it was sloppy and vile, I thought that he'd licked my entire face - horrid! (But thank you Jo, it means a lot that you shared your boyfriend with me for my first kiss).

I've had the tight mouth kisser, when they hardly move their mouth or lips.
The guy who always follow every kiss with a peck on the lips.
The kisser who never used his tongue, ever!!! Literally kissed me as though we were 80.
I've had the kisser who used only tongue, no lips, no warm up.
The guy who had no rhythm.
I've kissed the guy who used the inside of his lips, so it was quite sloppy.
The guy who always tilted his head to the left - pretty awkward!
And the guy who was perfect in everyway, other than his halitosis.

I've discussed this matter with a few of my ladies friends and I think we are set on the perfect kiss being the following:
Lips, full pouty lips with no tongue to begin with, good pattern and rhythm of movement, not too open or closed.
When stepping up a gear, maybe a little more open and a bit of tongue, working well with the rhythm.
When the passion heats up, obviously more tongue and probably a little more open but only when the passion level is right.

I personally love it when the man stiffens his top lip, adore it in fact, but I also love stubble tingle on my top lip, so maybe I'm a little weird.

But kissing, it's awfully good fun but a random act that's never truly been explained!

Some random Kissing facts:
* Kissing prevents cavities and plaque build-up by stimulating saliva production while preventing gingivitis through the calcium present in saliva.
* Kissing stimulates over 30 facial muscles which smoothes out skin and increase blood circulation to the face.
* Kissing burns 12 calories per five-second episode and three passionate kisses a day will help you lose one pound!
*Kissing releases the same neurotransmitters (chemical messengers in the brain) as those that are released when you engage in intense exercise such as running a marathon or skydiving. This causes your heart to beat faster and your breathing to become deep and irregular.
* Kissing stabilizes cardiovascular activity, decreases high blood pressure, and lowers cholesterol.
* Kissing prevents the formation of the stress hormone glucocorticoids which causes high blood pressure, muscle weakening and insomnia.
* Kissing does its part to vaccinate people from new germs. Saliva contains bacteria, 80% of them are common to all people with 20% unique to each person. By sharing saliva with a partner, you are stimulating your immune system to respond to the different bacteria you are being exposed to. The result is that your immune system creates certain anti-bodies to these new bacteria, which in effect vaccinates you against these germs. This process is called cross-immunotherapy.
* Finally, you may not be surprised to know that kissing offers an express analysis of genetic compatibility. While you are kissing, your brain conducts instant chemical analysis of your partner's saliva and issues a "verdict" of your genetic compatibility. Think about it. Don't you know much more about what you like or don't like in a person after one kiss? And kissing is much more fun than taking a relationship inventory!

Info from: http://www.celebratelove.com/thekiss.htm

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