Monday, October 15, 2007

Pipsywoo Is...

Pipsywoo Is...getting fed up with her head and how easily her Facebook status has over taken her life.
It was originally a bit of fun, some make me laugh, others are factual BUT...lately, it's become a bit of an 80's rom com gone bad, really bad!

Everything I do, I "Status" it in my head:

Pipsywoo Is:
...making a cup of coffee.
...going to the toilet.
...going out to get fucked.
...listening to motown.
...drooling over a photo of someone. work.
...thinking of something to write here (never had this one before, always have plenty to say, that's the problem!).

But lately, I've been doing the voice over in my head, think a classic episode of 'The Wonder Years', everything I do is accompanied by "Pipsywoo is...", this is not a good state to be in...not at all.

It's got to the point, where I'm finding ways to get around the constant setting of "Is", Pipsywoo is glad that she went out, etc, not good at all.
Am banning myself from a status!

Maybe If I had a proper job where I'm busy from start to finish, like those rare days here, I wouldn't have as much time to think of these stupid things but the case is that I'm told to distract myself if I get bored and that as long as I do my job, no one cares what I actually do - oh, ok!

I am seriously going to re-evaluate my facebook dedication and maybe start finding other things to do but the internet is a rather boring place!

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