Friday, January 25, 2008

Anyone for squash?

Now I generally find Victoria Beckham rather repulsive, but of late, I find her even grotesque and one of the main points of disgust are her breasts, they're so horrid.
At which point did people think that two flatten balls of flesh pressed against the torso was a good look?
I like breasts, of course not like a man, but they are very attractive and can look incredible but when someone has fake boobs, not much can be done to make them look better, or attractive in my eyes.

When a breast is lifted (by bra or whatever method) it should slope and look pert, not be squashed and flattened.

I think that one of the sexiest things about a ladies cleavage is the natural slope from the top to the tip. And the slight cleavage spacing, not tightly squashed together but loosely pushed together - it looks amazing!

I know it's not just Ms Beckham's breasts which are repulsive (look at her face?! Nah, that wasn't quite what I meant), I'm implying that I know loads of people have boob jobs and some of theirs look fine (not constantly squashed and horrid) but her's are just awful and if girls are growing up, thinking they want to be like her and see her breasts as nice, they are seriously misguided.

I do wish she'd put them away to be fair, well in fact, I wish someone would put her away full stop and loose the key. I mean seriously, what does she do?! And how can someone live without smiling constantly?! And what sort of materialistic screwed up view on the world will her kids have?!

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