Monday, January 21, 2008

My CD player extraordinaire!

The CD player in my car has been having issues of late. He has started to believe he is anything other than a CD player.
I'm not sure what he thinks he is but it's definitely not a CD player, other wise he'd play the CD's I put him in, regardless of what they were or maybe he is fed up with my taste in music and decided to take it upon himself to stop playing anything he dislikes?!

It used to be that he would play anything but occasional home burnt CD's. But over the last few months, he's got pickier and pickier. It started with him refusing to play some pop (Kylie was most put out), then he decided that he'd refuse perfectly good classic music (The Mac and Mamas & Papas weren't overly impressed to say the least), now I have to confess around this time I was also listening to a lot of Queen and I mean a lot!!! So maybe he got fed up with me singing along to all 3 greatest hits albums?!
But since then, the beginning of December to be precise, he's become so temperamental that the only CD's I can guarantee he'll play are: Barry White, Tina Turner, Radiohead's In Rainbows and occasionally Arcade Fire's Neon Bible and that is it, from my collection of about 20 CD's in my car!

So when I've a craving for something special, as long as it's one of four CD's, it's fine or if I've got my iPod, it's fine, although it really isn't, as the iPod trip I've got occasionally buzzes and also is a lot quieter than the CD's are, so there is no chance my eardrums will start bleeding due to excess noise.

I'm definitely thinking that my CD player thinks it's a cassette player or something similar. He just doesn't quite understand the media of the digital age anymore...bloody thing!

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