Friday, January 18, 2008

The Dips and Waves of 2007

Isn't life a strange thing. 2007 was a pretty awful year. I had originally resigned to think 2008 was a repeat of 2007 but decided after seeing some friends and just ranting about crapness to change my outlook to sunny side up!

2007 was a strange year, it was a limbo year of crap. Nothing really happened but everything actually happened, it was a strange affair.
January came in with a load of new friends, singledom lingering and a horrendous bust up with a good friend for the sake of saving him later pain. It was generally full of loads of arguments and hostility. And my resolution was to stop biting my nails.
February was wank, still full of hostility, was still shagging an ex who decided when and where and came and went as he felt fit, nothing really happened, although my friends life were generally frantic at this time and I spent a lot of time walking on egg shells to offer ears to people.
March was a non-starter really, although it was mainly full of organising my party.
April had the best birthday party of my life, it was definitely a high point of my year or even maybe my life?! Having one of my best friends fly half way round the world for me was incredible and also, finding most of my bedroom upside down with fantastic! Also stayed with the Chapman-Pinchers in Pershore and went to Weymouth - Both incredible times!!!
May if i remember it was sunny and lovely. May Day was loads of fun. It also involved lots of bike rides and sitting in the garden reading books.
June and July came and went. Not much happened, other than a trip to Longleat (so much fun), more bike rides, BBQ's and generally great nights out. Also started working in the ahoy!
Aug and Sept came and I started to date a new guy who was adorable. Moved house and finally got rid of people who had to linger in my life. Also realised I love living with guys, compared to girls...more even in the house, bit more like the family home.
Oct and Nov were weird months, loads of work and sickness. Became single. Went on a couple of dates with a strange guy who just stopped calling one day? Got death threats from someone I've never met and who is supposed to be in love with a very good friend of mine - extremely odd!
And finally Dec which was a strange month, didn't last very long and was full of lots of official clear ups. I ate a lot of Sushi during the month and I got to stand on stage in front of 700-800 people and attended one of the best parties I've been too! And I've near enough managed to stop biting my nails, only took a year!

So, 2008 started...the first week was dreadful. I saw the new year in with such an anti climax, started to dread 2008 but it's all change now. Am seeing/not seeing a fabulous guy who I adore, god knows why I do but I do. Have been informed I'm getting some cash from various areas, which is all to pay off my credit cards, as my new years resolution is to clear my debts. And am off to Kiwiland in February for a wedding of two good friends. One of my best friends is out there and am hoping to collect a hug from her aswell, and I just found the shoes I've been searching for since November for £12 - bargain!!! Rock and Roll on 2008!


David said...

It's not about the shoes, man

Pipsywoo said...

Although it may be, it is the icing on a very beautiful cake, although I'm hoping there is loads more icing. After 2007 a year of icing would be delightful.