Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Irish know how to party

I've had a weekend of drinking. I think my liver finally gave up yesterday, when it took me over an hour to drink a pint of shandy.
Friday consists of the day off, due to not being able to move my car, well in fact that's wrong, I did move it 10 foot. Apparently you can't with a Nissan! So after not going to work, I mulled around home doing stuff and then set off early for work at the pub with Ginge and a little pub crawl in tow.
2 pints, some very slow walking and occasional slipping (wellies are water proof but not necessarily grand for grip), good chat and 2 hours later, we arrived at work. Ginge started work and I sat in the garden with some regulars drinking. We had some fun.

Later that evening there was another regular sitting in the garden with a female friend. On my way to the cellar, I was asked what I looked for in a man. I stated the simple 3 piece list: to feel wanted but not over crowded and to be made to laugh. Basically I'm looking for my equal, I don't need a man, I'd like one though. I've found this scares most men. They like to be needed. Most say they don't but they love having someone who constantly needs them and makes them feel wanted. Anyway, I'm running away from the point of this. This girl was upset that all she seems to do is meet losers or guys who screw her over and went on and on about it for about 4 hours (but that's for another time when I want a good rant. Her poor mate.). I told her to get on with being herself and that eventually she'd meet the perfect someone. She said she'd done that for long enough and was fed up, fair enough.

Later that evening I found out she was 21. I wish I hadn't even bothered to try and talk sense to her...silly girl. There I was thinking she was an adult, who had an idea about life and alas not at all...

Saturday consisted of celebrating Hazel's birthday, awesome night all in all.
But Sunday, well..I worked the Rugby, golly the Scottish team are way more attractive than the Welsh, not sure if it's the kits or if it's just fact?

Then Chips and I decided to dine out. Nina joined us for Red Star, Tsingtao were drunk. Then off to the Busty where beers, shots and gin & bollocks were drunk, then home to The Duke for some nightcap drinks, or so we thought. At 1.30am we found ourselves entering the Half Moon. I highly recommend The Half Moon on a Sunday night, you either have to have been drinking in there all night or know someone but basically, they have a little soiree with Celtic singers and fiddlers and is a great night all in all. I even drank Guinness. Too much fun was had and it was my third bedtime after the hour of 4am.

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