Thursday, February 19, 2009

Drivel Dribble Treble

Why do Diet drinks always have that light chalky taste going on?

Listened to the new Doves album the other day and although some of their songs are kind of pretty. I don't get it, they just seem so bland.

I'm so glad that finally, Bonnie Swanson (Family Guy) has had the baby. What is that 8 years ago? Brian cracks a great joke about her being 10 already...genius!

Last night at work I was asked by an American if he could ask me some questions. I said '10 Questions'? Why not.
So he asked some boring ones and some even more rubbish ones and his final question was "Do you realise how loud you are?", he said he meant it with no offence - like I'd take any. Although my colleague and a regular did do so, on my behalf, although I told them it wasn't an issue.
I told him that yes I did but there was a perfectly good reason, "When you're raised in a house, with two older brothers and parents who both have large personalities - you also have to be loud, to get noticed!" Let's be fair, I've got the personality of a fat drunk American bird at a party but in the body of a slim English bird.

Have you seen anything about the Duggar Family? They are an American Evangelical family who have 18 children. They believe every child is a gift from god. Fair enough, they can believe what they like, although I think it's a little too easy to believe that, therefore not having to take responsibility for their actions, etc. Plus at least they pay for their own children and don't expect the country to pay for their upbringing.
Although I can't help that think her womb has seen more people, than a lift in a Vertigo Clinic.

You must be having a laugh? What will they think of next?

Do it in your own Country, keep it out of ours. If we have an issue about it, we'll deal with it. Oooo, let the wrath rain down!!!

I've started watching Arrested Development from the start - golly it makes me laugh so so much!!! If you haven't invested time to watch it, do it!!!

Plus I am loving this: The New Macbook

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