Thursday, February 12, 2009

Do you come from the country?

While driving to work this morning, some little arsey boy-racer punk decided to cut me up, I then ended up over taking him and after a roundabout, he decided to come shooting up my arse and sat on my tail for ages and then finally shot off. At which point I really wanted to be an undercover policeman and pull him over, little shit and his bad driving.

Isn't it odd how one song on the radio can make everything seem better. I was in a rather nonchalant mood this morning and then selected one of my favourite happy songs and wham bam, there I was the happiest person in the world. I love how something so simple can make life seem so much better. This happens quite a lot and I love it when it happens.

There is still loads of snow in Boars Hill - it's so cool. Although I nearly fell flat on my face on my colleague's driveway.

My friends are going traveling in April, which is ace! They'll have such a great time. But their leaving do is a fancy dress do with the theme: Countries. Some people are attending as C*nt Trees, a friend as a Dutch girl and someone is going all in white and being Colombia. I was thinking maybe I could go as Istanbul (by wearing bowls on my feet) but I've been informed Istanbul is a city, not a country - damn my geographical knowledge.
So maybe, wearing one arm as a crane and a U on my other hand = Ukraine.
Wear a green cape = Cape Verde.
Wait around in a Q = Kuwait.
I'll think of something, hopefully it'll be cheap but effective. I might go as a Country gent?

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