Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Not sure if I've mentioned this before...

...but my favourite musical and favourite Disney film have the same theme, I'm not sure if it means anything? Or if it's just a massive coincidence.
My favourite musical is Phantom of the Opera and my favourite Disney film is, yep you've guessed it, Beauty and the Beast.
Now I've probably mentioned them before, god I've been writing shit on this thing for long enough, I will probably do what Septic Peg does and start re-using old entries for new ones, god knows they've died some what, compared to two years ago.

Not sure if the fact that my two favourite sing-a-long films both feature hideous looking, misunderstood men with mass infatuation, means anything? Not sure if the girls being independent but also reliant on men, means anything? Not sure if their being pursued by swash buckling heroes, means anything either but it is pretty weird?!

I recently finished reading Carrie Fisher's auto-biography Wishful Drinking. It is brilliant!!! It's like you've gone for a cup of coffee with her and she's telling you it all over a nice bit of Carrot Cake. She has such a lovely writing style. She's not just Princess Leia or some famous people's kid (and it really threw me that her mum is the lady who plays Mrs Adler in Will & Grace), she's also generally fabulous and very frankly entertaining in a very humble way. Read it, you won't be disappointed.

I've finally got round to making the cushion covers I've been meaning to make for our sitting room. By the time we've moved out, our house will be perfect and just how I always wanted it to be. Just need to put some curtains in the kitchen and maybe, just maybe..
The tiler/plumber/fix-it man finally finished our toilet and downstairs shower, only a month in the doing. It's so odd to have our hallway back to being ours, rather than a worksite. And our downstairs toilet is even more of a desirable place to be. Unlike the public toilet it was when we first moved in. Our little ramshackled house is becoming even more of a home.

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