Thursday, April 02, 2009

Spinsterville Next Stop

I've just finished off half a cake...but it's cool. As it's my birthday!

I'm 27! Woop!
I like getting older, every year gets better and better and brings more opportunities and people to meet. I hate the idea of the day when it's worse to get older and things seem to go in the opposite direction.

In other news. I got caught speeding for the first time the other day, gutted! 9 years and finally got busted. I keep on spacing out while driving, which isn't good. I think it's due to being so tired. This week, I've failed at getting a regular amount of sleep. On about average I've had 5 hours a night but...alas it's not so evenly spaced out. Next week I'll get back on to normality, I'm a little worried about the spacing out personally.

I'd be officially classified as a spinster in Jane Austen's time - bring it on! The old maid in the corner with a bonnet and a ramshackled home.

Right, onwards and upwards. Just thought I should drop by.

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