Thursday, April 23, 2009

Brain so full...

....yet I'm finding it so hard to empty any of it, it's constant noise and chatter and I can't clear it no matter how I try.

And everytime I think about writing a blog, I think of funny, witty things and then my fingers start typing and nothing....

I'm in love with this photo above. It's not funny and is pretty awful. I do not condone or believe the KKK are right in anyway, I just love how unhappy the kid looks about being dressed up in a mental outfit!!! It looks as though his actual thoughts are "You have to be having a laugh, you stupid bitch".

Also, in another world of scary children. There is a current American show about Children Beauty Pageants which is beyond scary. The blog I read regularly linked to some of the girl's websites and oh my god, I mean, there is airbrushing and then there is AIRBRUSHING.
I believe the photo to the left is the perfect example of the latter - argh! She looks like she belongs to The Corn!!!
Everything about her makes me scared shitless...if I woke up in the middle of the night and found this staring back at me, I'd shit my pants!!! "Run for your lives".

In other news, not much is going on. I spent a lovely weekend in Polzeath Cornwall. For a hen do. It was incredibly charming and lovely but I can't share any stories here, it would be uncouth. One doesn't hen do and tell. Needless to say it was fun times all round!!!

When I can make sense of the remaining brain sick in my head, I shall puked it up here but right now - it's a huge jumbled mess of crazy!

If only the below was a skit!!!

And once you hear it, you'll be humming it all day long:

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