Monday, April 06, 2009

The second post of my 28th year!

I've been thinking about the inevitable speeding ticket and decided instead of the kind smile and nod, to ensure I knew I'd been busted. I'd have preferred him to have done a commando roll and then propped himself up on one knee with gun in hand for full effect but alas, it was not to be.

I'm pretty sure I was ranting about a film a while ago called Wristcutters: A Love Story. Well, if not, I'm foolish and if so, it's going to happen all over again. As I finally got it on dvd. It is now available to purchase. And I love it so. It's such a charming concept and with the Gogol Bordelloesque soundtrack and washed out filming style, works exceedingly well for the feeling it's trying to get across. You should watch it, very soon. I adore it and everyone I've recommended it too, has loved it also.

It was my 27th birthday the other day. I turned 27 years old. Most people don't think it's possible, due to the Oil of Olay doing it's job. Alas, it is possible. Maybe this means I should go to Hollywood and play a kid at highschool?
The evening was a major success! I went for a sedate affair, where I located myself in a pub and awaited friends to show up. In fact, I turned up late and had friends waiting for me, which is nice.
Loads of people showed up and I had a fantastic night. Funniest being that my friends took all the photos and then returned my camera at the end of the night. Looking through them the next morning was rather entertaining.

The guys at the pub made me drink the entire layered shooters board. There are 15 in total and they are all 35ml sized glasses, I think someone worked out that I basically had 20 standard shots (not recommended and to any old punter, wouldn't be allowed), plus the long drinks of choice. Oh deary me. Luckily I'd been training all week for it and also had eaten everything I could find that day, so I was well prepared. The night ended at a very quiet Cellar with dancing fun times. I also stood in dog poo - yay me!

My 28th year is off to a good start!

Plus, my housemates obviously like me too much (probably for all the cleaning I do), as they gave me a sturdy steed to race around town on. And she is a cool rider! So, as of this week, it is RIP Flo and a nice warm welcome to Slaaag aka Trusty Steed!
And I had numerous lovely presents and cakes made for me. I truly have some amazing friends.

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