Friday, November 13, 2009

Sorry, how do I know you?

I had an uninteresting blog written, celebrating my 200th entry but alas, the world of Facebook has offered something that has distracted me and makes me want to write.

I went to school in a town, it's not a small town but a lot of the people in it are small minded. A good percentage of them went to school because it beat hanging around the park and also, so they could meet loose members of the opposite sex and get laid. Sounds great, well it was!
In typical fashion, the 'cool kids' weren't cool at all. They were generally unintelligent and resorted to their fists or gobs to get places. Don't get me wrong, I knew some of them and they were nice, it's just they had no real aspirations to go anywhere or do anything. I didn't have many aspirations but at least I was aware that the world outside of the town and the county existed, yeah I guess I'm a snob.

Now at heart, most of the people in my year at school were nice. I mean, most people are nice at heart but some were ignorant and it was the ignorance that made school hard at times. I have known who I was from quite an early age, I knew why I did things and what I thought about a lot of things, I guess I knew most of this stuff by the age of leaving primary school. I'm not saying I haven't changed, I have but my basic foundations, are the same. I've adapted at times but never truly changed the core. A lot of the kids in my year didn't like this fact, well in fact, they just didn't like me.

I loved going to school and learning. I wasn't a great pupil, I was pig-headed, stubborn, occasionally insolent and a chatter box but I did enjoy those particular classes and tried to show the level of respect to those teachers (although I failed numerous times. Some of which still haunt me). But I hated a lot of the kids in my year. They generally made my life a misery. I'd never let them know this but they did, I guess this is where I got my ability to ignore people and carry on as though it's not effecting me, 'best not to let them know they've got to me' attitude.

I'm friends with people from school, I don't even think about whether I went to school with these people (a lot of them I lost contact with and then gained a friendship some years later), they are my friends. When I meet people whom I attended school with, I see them as the individuals that they are. Some are lovely people and others 'aren't for me'. We haven't seen each other in over 10 years, there should be a lot of change, if not, at least some. But this still doesn't mean I want to actively go and meet them?! I spotted on Facebook earlier today an invite to a school reunion. Could you imagine doing anything worse?! Personally, I can not.

I instantly emailed my best friend (who also attended this school, with the following comment):
Could you imagine the chats: "oh your single and without children, how do you wake up every morning?",
"late in the morning, mildly hung-over with an extremely attractive man, sore from a great night of 'fun times', with lots of money in my bank and the freedom to do as I please, when I please. How do you cope with a ugly, over weight unfaithful partner and horrid children who suck your energy and money from you?"

Don't get me wrong, I've friends with children and I love them and that lifestyle is perfect for them and one day, it'll be perfect for me but right now, I don't see why I'd subject myself to possibly feel as I did during my teen years and have people try and get me to justify my lifestyle decisions.
It's bad enough that I constantly get 'friend requests' from people whom I haven't spoken to for over 10 years, let alone being in a room with all of them.

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