Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Finally watched Watchmen, no I haven't read the graphic novel but yes I love a superhero based anything!

I got a little excited about it when it came out, but not excited enough to get off my arse and travel to the cinema to pay £7 to see it (although let's be fair, with snacks too - it would have cost a good £15 - remember I'm a fat girl in a thin girls body).
Anyhow, I finally saw it. The Chicken had purchased it and I finally got to view the masterpiece. In the similar light to other graphic novels turned films (Sin City being a prime example), it has the charming cartoon-esque quality to a T. I am smitten!

I guess if I'd bothered to get off my arse and read the book, I'd have more to say on the actual adaptation, alas I do not! So I will say, I enjoyed it, thought it was well executed and no, I didn't think it was too long, not by a milestone, especially as I assume the alternative would have been to 'two part' it and that would have been shit!

In other news, I finally have to accept that sleep is required and I should not party on painkillers, apparently my behaviour was interesting at our dinner party on Sunday night ("Sunday" I hear you cry, well it is the new black!), maybe even on par with the "evening of wall licking", which is saying something and is still the reason why I do not drink Tuaca!
But this all sucks, as it was the three parties last weekend that made me ill in the first place but I'm still not sure how singing The Boss and G'n'R until 4.30am makes a 'lost voice' turn in to a 'throat infection' which then develops in to 'vertigo' which then transforms to 'ickly throat and strange cough' that sounds like a dogs bark!!!
Although last Friday I did sound very much as though Chewbacca* and Darth Vadar had a kid and that was kind of cool, if not really irritating, as we all know how much I enjoy talking!

Oh and talking of Star Wars, I'm loving how ITV are playing all 6 films in chronological order according to the storyline, it's rather charming. Thankfully we're now on the ones I grew up with, it's like being 7 again, although I don't have my brothers pretending to be Jedi's and trying to constantly kill me.

P.S. Chewbacca isn't in Blogger' automatic spellcheck - shocking!

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