Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Chocolate Brownies Recipe

This recipe is from my childhood Osbourne cook book with some mild changes, and it has been making incredible brownies for 30 years plus... (As always, bear with me, as I embellish on this recipe depending on my mood).


4oz / 100g Plain Flour
8oz / 200g Caster Sugar
2 Medium Eggs
4oz / 100g Butter
1/2 tsp Baking Flour
2 large bars of chocolate - 200g White / 200g Dark/Milk (depending on taste), I always use White and Dark, for a

Melt the Chocolate, Butter and Sugar in a Pyrex bowl over a saucepan of simmering water.
Sieve the Flour and Baking Powder into a large bowl.

Once everything is melted, add to the Flour, with the Eggs. Until it doesn't stick to the bowl, due to being too oily (if this doesn't happen, don't fret, it'll be fine). If you're adding extras, add them now...

Throw in a greased baking tray, it doesn't matter what size, as long as it all fits in. It will probably only rise one 3rd of the depth, or so...

Throw in the oven at 180c / Gas Mark 4 for 25-30 mins.
It will still be a little gloopy when you do the knife test in the middle, this is good. If it's still pretty gloopy, leave in for another 5 mins, it varies in all ovens.

Await till cool = yumminess!
If it gets a little hard/stale, heat up for 30 sec in the microwave, yumminess revived.

Now, I've done many different versions of these, (so just have fun, experiment):

Bashed up Walnuts/Almonds, etc
Only melted half of the chocolate, left the other half bashed up, for crunchy bits.
Chopped up Glacier Cherries.
One Orange Rind chopped up finely.
Weed was a popular choice to some of my friends.

It's an easy recipe and fun to do various things with. Enjoy!

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