Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Upholstery Project Part Two

After being so active and so productive, I lost my decorating wind. Only for a week or two but it was enough for me to feel like a sluggish beast. Today, I finally completed our dining set. I fell in love with this material when I started at the shop, it was in the sale, which was a huge bonus. After ripping off the torn upholstery and additional padding, I hammered in the rusty nails till smooth (they were so rusty and small, there was no point in my trying to pull them out, I did try and caused a mess). Cut some quilting and the material to the right sizes, pulled taut, nail gunned them in place as a guide line and got the pins at the ready, with some nice trimming. Et Voila, my completed, reconditioned modern seats for the perfect dining experience!

We just need some shelves for my extensive dvd collection and we're done, done, done!

Apologies for the bleached, out of focus photo!

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