Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Being a Dental Receptionist Pt. 1

I got sacked today (I've never been sacked before. I've always been the dependable, considerate, trustworthy, loveable employee), it sucks. Well it doesn't massively, as I kind of really hated that job, as in really disliked my role. The people, were generally lovely, but the job, urgh!

I was working as a dental receptionist for a small practice. The owner was the head dentist, who was a lovely woman, reminded me a lot of my mother but she wasn't keen on listening to others, as it was her practice and things were done her way, which is fair enough, I suppose. But for businesses to move forward, you need more than one thinking person to assist that progression. And the way this business was run, it desperately needed a rethink, and reorganisation.

The office manager was a lovely asian lady, who for the first week I believed didn't like me, but then I realised she was so over worked that she wasn't able to be friendly. In fact, I found out that she was so over worked that she's sorting stuff out at the weekends when the practice is closed, which is ridiculous. Not only was she working 10 hour days without lunch breaks, or breaks at all. She was also working at the weekends?!

There was also, the Spanish dentist, Alfonso, who got a lot of Spaniards and latinos in, although it seemed at times that this was more a thorn in the owners side, than a gimmick which paid off. I'm guessing because Spaniards are a passionate country, who don't pay for missed appointments?! I've no idea, but they were occasionally flaky and didn't see why when you've given 24 hours notice, you should still pay. I'd always try to explain that we had a policy of 48 hours but it was hard. I felt very sorry for Alfonso, I didn't think he deserved the shit he got at times, or should I say the shit he didn't know he got.

The Hygienist who was a charming Scottish girl, who in my interview I really liked but soon realised after I started that she was more work, than play at work. I think it's safe to say she took the stress that the owner held and tried to support her 100%, to help her relax, it never worked from what I saw. The owner is one of those kinds, who will always be stressed even when she doesn't need to be. She has too much weight laden on her shoulders, most of which is self laid, but I'd never suggest that to her.

The two dental nurses were from Eastern Europe, I really liked one of them and kind of liked the other one. One was friendly, saw work as a need for money, had a dry sense of humour. The other one was a total "mother", young but took everything as her responsibility and asked me about 6 times a day "what you doing?", whenever I wasn't at my desk.

There were also two technicians, one was a sweet foreign guy who was shy and, well, sweet. The other was a grumpy bastard, who lacked any social skills and was just plan rude, horrid in fact! If he was a welcoming party, he'd be goose stepping! OK, so that analogy might be a little harsh, but he was extremely unpleasant and did nothing to try to make others welcome, or put nerves at ease. I guess that is why he was stuck away in his little box.

In my interview, I was asked if I was willing to be flexible, which of course is a "yes". Then told that the job was £20,000 perfect, not ideal but pretty good for a job that is 42.5 hours a week. The office manager then enters, I'm now informed that it's £7.50 an hour, (since when am I on an hourly rate?), and that there will be a bonus of £400 a month, if I can get the head dentist and hygienist's diaries up to 90%, (say what?!), I ask if I'll be cold calling, I'm told not at all. But, since when, is being a dentist receptionist, a sales position? I am so confused. I agree to start the job from the following monday, welcoming any form of job.
(I never realised getting a job could be this hard. I should have but?! It took Tom nearly 3 months and a lot of bullshit agency seminars to get a job through a friend. I mean, what the fuck is the point of recruiters anyhow?! And their crap "hot air balloon game bullshit", which fucker came up with that one, I'm guessing an American from the "new age of corporation"!).

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