Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Too much option

Living where Tom and I live is pretty awesome. Not only is there an abundance of shops and market stalls,  awesome bars and pubs, and generally an extremely nice vibe all around, there is also, possibly, the most amount of restaurants.

We live close to Brick Lane, so automatically there are shit loads of curry and beigels. But if you go towards Liverpool St/Spitalfields, you've a whole bag of stuff.  Spitalfields is full of chain restaurants, if you fancy something well priced and predictable. In all of the side streets off Spitalfields, you'll find quaint little food bars and restaurants. Including, Japanese Canteen & Flying Burrito Bar both on Middlesex St (Not overly keen on the cactus leaf in a burrito), & Poncho8 which is the burrito bar I've not eaten at yet, next to Spitalfields.

On Commercial St, there is the good looking BoHo Mexica, & St John's Bread & Wine, which I'm dying to eat at, I want bread and wine!
Up on Columbia Road, there is a fab looking restaurant, that Tom & I are desperate to go to, called Brawn, there is something charming about it, perfectly sized, open planned, honest little tables and chairs, dim lighting, charmingly perfect. It reminds me of the Magdalen Arms, Oxford.
There is also numerous sushi bars, and Italian restaurants. I'm in my FAT element.  And I haven't even mentioned the two food courts and street market every Sunday in Brick Lane. Or the infamous curry house down in Aldgate East called Lahore Kebab House. Or the fact that our local, The Carpenters Arms, does awesome food. If you order something as simple as Potted Smoked Mackeral, it comes with a whole baguette of bread automatically and is delicious! I'm desperate to try the Escargot and chips. Yum!

Now, talking about pubs, we're within a close proximity to The Ten Bells, Commercial Tavern, The Carpenters Arms & The Pride of Spitalfields. Slightly further a field, are The Royal Oak, The Marksman & The Water Poet. These are just the ones we go to, there are about 4 off Spitalfields, in the back streets, that I often walk past and think about visiting.
One of our favourites, is The Pride of Spitalfields, it's a classic boozer. Extremely old school; carpet, curtains, dark painted patterned wallpaper, brass horseshoes, mega sized optics, cheap booze and one of the bar ladies has stepped out of Eastenders, it's perfect. We've seen British comedians in there. It's that classic typical little pub that is perfect, especially with the spilling on to the roadside for the smoking area.

Basically, I'm not wanting to sound smug, I'm just trying to say, that when I'm employed, as well as Tom, my bank balance is doomed! Although, my social life will be thriving, as will my waist band.

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