Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Dress Making

My friend Simone lives in LA and works for Alexander Henry Fabrics, every time she comes to visit, she brings me little gifts from their collections. This time, she brought me the fabric I used in the dress below, and the Frida Khalo fabric, to the right. Isn't it gorgeous, it's a deep turquoise, very vibrant and just purely adorable. Being given a couple of yards of both, was a dream come true. I love you Simone.

I had a hen do last weekend and due to being unemployed, I needed to conserve money, where I could. So decided that with the new fabric, I could be productive with my time and money. Out came Diana from retirement, and off I set. I measured the booby triangles, sewed them together. Cut four lengths of material, sewing two of them end to end, folding the edges over and ironing, then placed and sewed the boobs in place.

Eton Butterfly Print
Then I cut the lengths of the skirt and gathered them to be the correct size and sewed them in place. I was hoping to have a small open back to the skirt, but failed. I had far too much material, oops! I hemmed from 6 inches below the belt, and then sewed it all together and hemmed it. I also sewed the belt up properly. Made a quick couple of straps for the top half and popped them into the tops of the triangles.
Basically, it was really easy and took me about 4 hours to make. Isn't it cute!

It worked out really well, until about 1am, when one of my straps popped off, not so great! But all in all, it was fab and I was extremely proud to be wearing my own design. I'm extremely tempted to make a couple of summer tops in a similar style now.

Plus, I've been sewing for about 15 years now, and I've only just found out how to gather material through stitches. I guess it's true what they say, you're never too old to learn.

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