Saturday, January 04, 2014

Anxiety Dreams Already

I had an anxiety dream last night, where I was offered a Gin and Tonic, accepted, drank it and then remembered that I was supposed to be abstaining - at which point it was too late, oh well was my dream theory - really rather typical of my good, committed self!

Earlier today, I bumped in to my mate, Glen, and told him that I was trying to abstain from booze. Stating that it's not for health reasons, it's more to see if I'm able too. Based on the fact that I used to drive everywhere and not drink and stay out all night without a drink and have a great time, and I'm interested in whether I can do this again. I also stated that my main problem with this is that I actually like the taste of booze - I love the wheaty fizzy freshness of beer, the round soily flavour of Malbec and the sweet gooseberry notes of Sauvignon Blanc, not to get drunk but for the taste and this is what I worry about.

Especially, as when I saw Glen on the street, the first thing I asked if he fancied a quick pint and a catch up - FAIL!

SHHHIIIIITTTTTT (said like Clay Davis)! This is going to get tough!

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