Thursday, January 09, 2014

Certain hurdles in the abstaining...

Life sometimes throws you little hurdles, which you either jump, run into or run away from.

Yesterday I saw a friend who has been having some troubles in her love life, which meant that I had to take wine for her to cry in to and you can't allow a sad girl to drink wine on her own, it just isn't right. So I had to consume a glass of wine or two... It's not my proudest moment and I did feel bad but that was more because of her situation, rather than drinking the wine. Of course, I'm a good friend, not a crazy person!

On the upside, I'm finally getting to go to the Ballet on Saturday. Hurrah! It's been a long time coming (at the age of 4, I wanted to be a ballet dancer) but for some reason, I've never gotten around to going. I guess I hoped someone would take me but it never came to fruition. I can not wait! I saw an opera in Venice with my mother years ago but the ballet just seemed to allude me. It's only recently that I've been thinking of things I've always wanted to do and not gotten around to doing, and this popped back in to my pea size brain, and I've seized that moment/chance/opportunity (delete as appropriate).

Golly, men in tights with strong arms, lifting waif like girls to beautiful music - what isn't to like?! And it's been suggested that we ladies wear pretty dresses. I love getting all pretty. If you can't tell, I'm terribly excited!

Roll on Saturday evening:

In fact, it's a fab weekend all round. On Sunday I'm going here: Ice Sculpting Festival
Which brings me to another thing which I've had on my list to do for ages and not done: visit Canary Wharf! I've been to Isle of Dogs arena but never quite made it to actual Canary Wharf. I'm hoping to see this also:

It will all be finished off with a big serving of home made casserole with cheese dumplings - roll on 4pm tomorrow, when my weekend starts!

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