Wednesday, January 22, 2014

So... predicted, my Dryuary ended pretty much with an unhappy friend but the exercise is continuing, in one form or another. As is my productivity.

I made this little beauty a few weekends back. A tutorial will follow soon.

The same weekend I made this, I finally saw a ballet. I saw 'Le Corsaire', which was very good. Although I had expected them to sing for the first fifteen minutes, which was rather confusing. Plus, the lead guy chose a 'ho' over his 'bro', yes his bro was a douche but still...he'd only known the girl for a short amount of time.
I'm very much looking forward to attending my next ballet. Yay!

I've not been up to much otherwise; a huge walk on Hampstead Heath this weekend just passed, various birthdays celebrated and endless nights chilling at home. Everything is rather pleasant! (that's not me gloating, it's me being very grateful for this blissful period of my life. Thanks universe!).

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